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Thursday, May 29, 2008

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

It is difficult, given the passage of time, to remember how outrageous the first film was. I remember, in the cinema, showing a preview of the 1981 film, Raiders of the Lost Ark, two older men laughing and ridiculing at the sheer silliness of it, mentioning that this was such rubbish and that it would just disappear without a trace. How wrong! That has to be up there with the once popular notion that men will never travel more that fifteen miles per hour because the air would be sucked out of the vehicle!
However....(and I love CGI) I do feel as if there were too much of it if we are expected to believe in any sort of continuity between this and the last three films. I did not think this looked or sounded like a 'B' movie at all. But it was a first rate, twenty-first century piece of filming, let us be sure of that. And no more fantastic than any other fantasy.
The film had a heart, had a history and had a dream. It did work for long as I forgot about those other three wonderful and ground-breaking films.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Women Drivers

I have to say that I'm not usually one for ranting but now is the time to speak up! So, what's my issue about? Quite unfathomably, considering who I am, its about women drivers and specifically about tail-gating. Why am I targeting them and not men? (Who, by the way, are just as guilty)
Its because, while men's appalling driving appear to be driven by ego, women, and its the only explanation I can offer, are just plain dumb. There does not appear to be any thinking involved. Which is bloody dangerous if a car is involved. It doesn't matter if they are on their own or even if a toddler or any family is being driven, they will drive hell for leather whatever the circumstances and basically turn driving into a thoroughly miserable and dangerous experience.
I ask you, why would a driver, in heavy rain (but weather conditions just don't figure into the equation at all by the way) tail-gate? Specifically time and time again, each and every day and night, woman tail-gate me, their vehicles perhaps just ten feet away whist we are travelling at 50 miles per hour? They accelerate up behind me and then just sit there, perhaps fuming or even worse, using the slower car's pace as an excuse to get something done, like making a phone call. Somehow, in their inexperienced brains, they think that by hugging the car in front, it affords them some sort of safety!
Don't believe me? Then start looking into your rear view mirror more often. And you will see them. Mostly young woman that's a fact but the older ones have got into this unfortunate habit as well. So how has this dangerous state of affairs developed? Certainly, because twenty or even ten years ago, things were not this bad. It has to be partly down to men, specifically driving instructors who just unconsciously pass on their bad, ego-driven habits. But once set free with a licence to drive on their own, there can be no doubt about it, women, lemming-like follow the bad examples of everyone else. And once that happens, then we get writers like me wasting my time writing this.
Make no mistake about it, this sort of driving is pandemic with only a tiny minority of women driving properly. I know, I look out for these things. Out of concern for my own safety. Not having had an accident for forty years, I can say that I am a bit of an expert when it comes to self-preservation. There, I've blown my own horn. Oh, and by the way...the closer you get, the slower I go. I will maintain that two second gap that is supposed to be between us. Have a nice day!