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Friday, May 16, 2008

Well, its been a time...

Hello Everyone,
So, I am trying out this new blogging business and I shall see how it goes. I hope to write weekly but as many of you know, I am mostly occupied with other writing and there are only thirty hours in a day! I've only just completed my novel Alien Queens, which I describe as, "A fantastic and mouth-watering, 136,000 word, time-travel comedy that takes the Grandfather paradox and plays footsie with it before wringing its neck and throwing its carcass on a heap!"
If you get time, please pop over and visit my site There you will find a whole raft of free titbits as well as entire novels free to read and many, many other things. I am known as the English transgendered author so it won't be boring!
All for this time
Love MollyX